Elaborate ‘It Gets Better’ Video Resembles ‘Glee’

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An extensively choreographed “It Gets Better” music video — set to Lady Gaga‘s “Hair” — gained steam Friday after the mega pop star gave it her seal of approval on Twitter.

The clip hit YouTube on Thursday, but the making of the video has been well documented on Facebook since August thanks to the project’s mastermind Colton Boettcher, who routinely posted updates on the CeeJbee Productions’ Facebook page.

The It Gets Better Project is an online campaign aimed at providing supportive messages for LGBT high school students who are facing discrimination and bullying. Since launching in 2010, It Gets Better has gained support from celebrities, athletes, the tech world and everyday people alike.

Boettcher teamed up with the LGBT community in Madison, Wis., and the It Gets Better Project to create the music video that looks like it came directly out of an episode of Glee.

“I want to let you know that it does get better,” Boettcher says at the end of the video. “We made this video in response to the number of suicides of gay kids in high school. … I’m gay and number of other people in this music video are also gay and we’re OK. We love our life.”

Bonus: Google Chrome’s “It Gets Better” Video

This “It Gets Better” video from the Google Chrome team aired during an episode of Glee in May 2011.

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